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An odds-on favourite

There's a gap in the Sydney market for a sports station, writes Cherie Romaro.

Giggles for a cause

CAL Wilson says living in Sunshine — "Melbourne's premier punchline suburb" — is good for her work. Is that why she moved there?

Comedy Festival

IVAN BRACKENBURY'S HOSPITAL RADIO ROADSHOW ★★★★ Tom Binns, Elephant And Wheelbarrow, city, until April 18. Thurs-Tues 9.30pm. $10-$15

Cash-for-comment rules should be diluted

RULES introduced after the cash-for-comments scandal that forces radio announcers to reveal their sponsorship deals will be watered down if the Government adopts the advice of the Productivity Commission.

Radio Late To The Feel The Pinch On Advertising

RADIO has proven to be more resilient than newspapers and television stations during the economic crisis, posting largely steady advertising revenue in 2008. But the last quarter showed it was not immune from the downturn.